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Content Creation

Educating and Entertaining

Crafted for your audiences, and made easy to find. Red Five Comms is well versed in creating the materials needed to power Public Relations (PR) and Marketing campaigns.

This includes case studies, blogs, articles, research, webinars, podcasts, videos and everything in between!

We are in a time of ‘content pollution’ and short attention spans. Genuinely interesting and useful content has never been more important. Knowing what truly resonates is the difference between success and failure in both PR and marketing.



Case Studies

Breathing life into products and services. 

Case studies of your good work have multiple uses. If a case study is able to quantify a saving or has a quirky element to it for example, it may also generate media interest. 

Red Five Comms regularly speaks to willing customers and pulls together case studies for use across mediums - it's something we're very well versed in.

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Gated Content

Earning leads by providing materials of real value in exchange for data.

By-Line Articles and Blogs

Placing by-line articles on behalf of clients, increasing brand recognition and building credibility. Including backlinks where possible to aid Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Rather than direct promotion of a product or service, this thought leadership practice is about being seen to be an expert commentator on the issues of the day.

We are very used to interviewing internal experts and ghost-writing on their behalf!

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Working with our video partners Ottr Works, we offer clients the opportunity to tell their stories through media production and visual content.

Ottr create stories that are worth sharing, through video production, photography, drone video / photo and graphic design.

Webinars and Events

Hosting webinars on behalf of clients, and driving attendance and engagement is a great way to Generate and Nurture Leads! 

We also provide physical event support, ensuring clients get the most out of their attendance. 

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Building audiences with episodic spoken-word content that creates deep relationships with listeners. A cost effective way of reaching a high volume of people in a compelling way.

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