• Austin Brailey

Everything marketers need to know about HubSpot!

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Using examples from our work for the The Evil Galactic Consultancy Group to show the platform in action.

HubSpot is one of the tools that has a lot of buzz about it. Having now used it for a while now, I can understand why!

HubSpot is marketing, sales and customer service software that supports a 'Inbound Marketing' methodology. There is a ton of overlap between Inbound Marketing and PR and as the HubSpot Academy runs you through its tools, the use cases and applications immediately become clear.

Here, I try to bring you a condensed version of what it's all about. To illustrate the bits and pieces, I’ll be working on behalf of The Evil Galactic Consultancy Group, which provides goods and services to evil forces across the Galaxy (excluding the Outer Rim).

Inbound Marketing

“Inbound is about education,” says HubSpot.

It’s about establishing a company as a trusted advisor on subjects important to stakeholders, “...people don’t want to be sold to - they want to be educated.” Sound familiar? It should to PR people.

However, the focus here is on direct one-to-one relationships through timely and personalised content. That is a little different from traditional PR, which has focused on reaching audiences via journalists and analysts (for reach and credibility). But today’s sophisticated tools mean we can go direct, which (dare I say?) makes it a hell of a lot easier, not to mention a lot more measurable!

At the core of the HubSpot approach are 'Contacts', defined as “anyone relevant to the business”. The good professors at HubSpot explain that as much detail as possible is needed about Contacts so that they can be segmented and effectively targeted.

Side note: I’ve often worked with clients that use Saleseforce or similar. More often than not it’s been my experience that the platforms, although touting a ton of potential, are regularly used as glorified contact databases or project management tools. I often felt there was resentment about the manual processes required to keep the systems up-to-date, which lead to gaps and problems. HubSpot combats a lot of this through its sophisticated automation tools and integrations (more later).

Effective segmentation of contacts requires ‘Buyer Personas’ and an understanding of where contacts are on the ‘Buyer's Journey’.

A Buyer Persona is a representation of an ideal customer based on market research and real data about existing customers. Below are extracts of two of the The Evil Galactic Consultancy Group’s Buyer Personas - the full personas are more thorough affairs but for security reasons, these are just snapshots (obviously real personas require a lot of thought, these didn't).

For Darth Vader

Dark Lord

Age: 50ish

Level of education: Apprenticeship (Jedi Knight)

Social networks used: The Force

Industry: Military

Job responsibilities

  • Brand ambassador for the Empire

  • Assisting Emperor Palpatine on an ad-hoc basis

  • Overseeing the development of evil superweapons

  • Promoting/demoting Admirals (at will)

  • Restoring order to the galaxy

Goals or objectives

  • Ensuring new ‘Death Star’ battle station is fully operational

  • Chasing down and destroying rebel forces

Biggest challenges

  • Death Star plans falling into rebel hands

  • Convincing others that devotion to “that ancient Jedi religion” is not “sad”

  • Uncovering leads as to the whereabouts of rebels

  • Breathing

Whom they report to

  • Grand Moff Tarkin

  • The Emperor

How/where they get information

  • Torture

  • Word of mouth

  • Direct Reports

  • The Emperor

  • The Force

For General Cassio Tagge

Imperial Army Leader

Age: 40ish

Level of education: Officer Training, Imperial Military

Social networks used: Holoprojector

Industry: Military

Job responsibilities

  • Overseeing Death Star's defenses

  • Overseeing the Imperial Fleet

Goals or objectives

  • Ensuring new ‘Death Star’ battle station is safe during construction

  • Monitoring systems functions and defensive armament

Biggest challenges

  • Convincing others that rebels finding and exploiting a weakness in the Death Star is 'impossible'

  • Darth Vader strangling him

Whom they report to

  • Grand Moff Tarkin

How/where they get information

  • Word of mouth

  • Direct Reports

Defining Personas is important in delivering the right content. In the above example, both Personas ultimately work for the same prospective client, but have different roles and very different outlooks.

Some content will be relevant to both. For example, both will likely be interested in materials that details design flaws of battle stations. But the ‘Dark Lord’ may be particularly interested in material on ‘Hiring Competent Admirals’ whereas the ‘Imperial Army Leader’ might be more interested in 'Preventing Strangulation from Sith Co-Workers'.

The Buyer’s Journey is equally important in ensuring people are targeted with the right content at the right time. </