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Public Relations

Strategic Communications

Public Relations (PR) is the art of effective communications between an individual or organisation and its ‘publics’ or (put more simply) those that most matter to their success.

Prospective customers, investors, partners and employees are all examples of important stakeholders, with whom effective communication is vital.

For the majority of businesses, the goal is gaining exposure to audiences through organic or 'earned' publicity. Unlike advertising, PR does not rely upon payment for placement, but instead tells compelling stories of inherent interest to reach the target audience. 

PR has traditionally focused heavily on establishing and maintaining relationships with journalists, which is known as ‘media relations’. This has been because of their previously unparalleled audience range and reach. 

The independent third party credibility that comes with positive editorial attention, and the built-in audiences means influencer relations remain critically important today. However, tech has opened up direct channels to audiences like never before.  Today, businesses are able to communicate across many mediums, and this means a hybrid approach is increasingly the most effective. 

Success in the field of public relations requires a deep understanding of the interests of audiences. It also requires a thorough understanding of how to cut through a world flooded with content. That's where we come in!



Communications Consultancy

How and when to best engage.

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Content Creation

Crafted for your audiences, and made easy to find. Red Five Comms is well versed creating the materials needed to power Public Relations (PR) and Marketing campaigns.

Media Relations

Making it as easy as possible for journalists to feature you in positive ways. Done correctly, media relations is a smooth process of mutual benefit between an organisation and the media. The opportunities are already out there, waiting to be seized.

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Messaging and Positioning

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