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About Red Five Comms

Red Five Comms is a boutique agency that helps organisations effectively communicate with their stakeholders.

Founded by Austin Brailey in 2015, we do good work for nice people. It's a simple but effective approach that has worked well for us and our clients for over six years!

We're honest and friendly, and only ever recommend activity that we truly believe is in the best interest of our clients. The team that listens and plans is always responsible for implementation and overall success. 

We listen to your goals and use an agile methodology to propose strategy and tactical activity. This ensures flexibility and the best possible use of budget (rather than sinking time and cost into what we call ‘trudging-through-treacle-tactics’).

We embrace behavioural sciences to create campaigns that reach and influence those we're targetting. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for your audiences to hear what you have to say, and as easy as possible for them to do what you’d like them to do. 

We’re small through choice. It means we’re able to provide expert, veteran consultancy, and give our clients the attention they deserve. When our time is fully booked, we close the books to ensure we’re always able to produce the highest quality work. 

If you’d like to find out more please please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Austin Brailey

Founder and Director

"I founded Red Five Comms with the sole aim of doing good work for nice people. Calling upon a network of trusted contributors where needed, I'm ultimately responsible for the pitching, planning and delivery of successful Public Relations (PR) and Marketing campaigns. 

I'm always happy to bat ideas around, so please don't hesitate to get in touch!"

Day Rates


We bill by the day and offer retainers based on a minimum of four days a month. Billable time is spread over the month rather than being used on a fixed day each week to allow us to spin-up and dial-down activity as needed.

£500 per day

Based on a 6 Month Rolling Retainer

A contract period that enables us to better plan and provision, and therefore offer the best possible rate.

£550 per day

Based on a 3 Month Rolling Retainer

Enough time to make sure Red Five Comms is the right fit, this is the most popular option for new clients.

£600 per day

Based on a 1 Month Rolling Retainer

With only a month commitment required at a time, this is favoured by those easing into comms consultancy.


Who We've Worked With

Good Work For Nice People


Data acquisition and audience engagement


Global behavioural insights practice


Coworking space and community

Fisher Film

Film and production company


Localised print production (Unicorn)


Ethereum scaling and micropayments


Web experience software, and design


Motion graphics, CGI, digital design


Sector Experience

Veteran Consultancy



Whether it’s helping a large U.S. corporate launch in EMEA or assisting during mergers and acquisitions, our consultants have proven experience working with large companies across many sectors.

Consumer Tech

From creative and gaming software to storage devices and hardware upgrades, our consultants are well versed in review sample coordination, competitions and news announcements.

Enterprise Tech

Red Five Comms consultants have extensive experience working for IT infrastructure clients across industries, and at every level of the IT stack. They have heard-earned knowledge of the industry journalists, publications and opportunities.

Not For Profit

From getting foundations in front of Government to encouraging adoption of the new internet protocol and helping charities to fundraise, our consultants are experienced in the challenges and opportunities faced by not for profits.

Professional Services

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Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)

From seeking investment to simply upping notoriety, Red Five is used tohelping SMEs take advantage of all the inherent and unique opportunities afforded to them.

Local Government Technology

With many years working in the Local Government technology space, we have built an in-depth knowledge of the market and the opportunities.


From optimisation systems to apps and hardware, Red Five consultants have successfully increased profiles for both large and start-ups alike to help them sell more to network operators and carriers.


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