Reaching The Right People

Earning business from prospects, when they’re ready.

The days of buying lead data, and sending out thousands of cold emails are gone - legislation and consumer awareness is (thankfully) seeing to that. Organisations today must thoroughly understand their prospects (‘Buyer Personas’), appreciate where they are in their ‘Buyer Journeys,’ and provide true value via their marketing. This requires hard work and creativity. 

We believe people prefer to be helped rather than just sold to. Drawing upon behavioural sciences, we help you to market in genuinely effective ways.

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Lead Generation

Our approach to Lead Gen is ‘Content Marketing’ led. We earn leads by creating and offering content of real value in exchange for data. Reports, research insight, ebooks and webinars are all examples of ‘gated content’ that can play their part. So too are company and industry events.

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Lead Nurture

Building relationships and positioning organisations as trusted advisors on subjects important to stakeholders is vital in earning business from clients when they’re ready. We don’t believe people want to just be sold to, but would rather be helped.

That help must be forthcoming!

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a natural extension of Lead Generation and Lead Nurture. It ensures that businesses are answering the questions prospects are asking through timely, informative content.

We help ensure your organisation is where your prospects are looking.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Most buyer journeys begin on Google. Helping Google find you is therefore highly important. This is linked with content creation and building backlinks from sites with High Domain authority (for which media relations is important). 

We implement what HubSpot calls a ‘Topic Cluster Content Strategy’, designed to match the ways we search for things today. It’s no longer simply about matching content to queries, but finding the right content based on the search’s intent. Having unified PR and marketing efforts is therefore vital.

Content Generation

Crafted for your audiences, and made easy to find. Red Five Comms is well versed in creating the materials needed to power Public Relations (PR) and Marketing campaigns. 

This includes case studies, blogs, articles, research, webinars, podcasts, videos and everything in between!

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