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Media Relations

Your Stories, Well Told

Getting media coverage is the biggest challenge many organisations face when it comes to Public Relations (PR). Hardly surprising when you consider the sheer volume of businesses vying for journalists' attention.

There are compelling stories in every organisation but it’s essential that they’re refined and presented in a way that makes it as easy as possible for journalists to cover.

Effective media relations is about ensuring companies are where they deserve to be. It’s about ensuring your stories are well told. 

That’s where we come in.

We make it as easy as possible for you to be featured in positive ways. 

Done correctly, media relations is a smooth process of mutual benefit between an organisation and the media. The opportunities are already out there, it’s a case of seizing them!




All businesses have key milestones and it's important to share them with stakeholders.

Whether it's the launch of an innovative product, a contract win or even the support of local education initiatives, your positive news needs to be heard.

The press release is the old favourite, and still has its place, but is by no means the be-all and end-all.

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Case Studies

Breathing life into products and services. 

Case studies of your good work have multiple uses. As well as being invaluable for marketing purposes, if a case study is able to quantify a saving or has a quirky element to it for example, it may also generate media interest. 

Red Five Comms regularly speaks to willing customers and pulls together case studies for use across mediums - it's something we're very well versed in.

Media training

The rules of engagement.

For the majority of organisations, getting the media's attention is the number one priority.

Media training aimed at preparing spokespeople of big corporate firms for ruthless grillings is simply not appropriate. Whereas ensuring you are giving journalists a compelling enough story to cover you, most certainly is!

Most journalists are friendly, polite and easy to talk to. That being said, there are basic rules of engagement that you must be aware of. Journalists can (politely) end an interview in the blink of an eye, if they're not getting what they need. Left without a story or valuable input, they are unlikely to come back to you in the future. We make sure that doesn't happen.

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Concisely conveying what sets you apart.

Can you describe what your company does in one sentence? Can you explain what sets you apart at the drop of a hat?

A comprehensive messaging session gets to the heart of what really matters to your stakeholders. The creation of a concise document that details what the organisation does, who it does it for and its market positioning, ensures concise and consistent comms.

Effective messaging is always backed up by proof points and examples of success. The process and resulting documentation ensures company spokespeople have all the facts and stats to hand, and are aligned in their communications.

Product News and Reviews

Independent, third party endorsement. 

It's one thing to promote yourself, but when independent and credible third parties do it for you, it means a lot more!

There are publications that review products upon launch. A review programme needs to be coordinated to ensure that you make the most of any available review samples. Review kits can be expensive and ensuring that as many journalists as possible get their hands on it is vital in enabling widespread coverage.

"Best Buy" and "Editor's Choice" accolades never look bad!

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Thought Leadership / Issue Hijacking

'Thought leadership’ is the conveyance of expertise. Unlike advertising, it is not about direct promotion of a product or service but about being seen to be an expert commentator on the issues of the day.

For example, an internet security company should be commenting on the latest online threats. By adding genuine insight to news stories they demonstrate their expertise. This attracts further business and ensuring existing clients feel in safe hands in the process.

This is our heritage, our speciality!

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